Shared Marketing

The goal of this website is to educate people about the benefits of hemp cigarettes and eventually implement a marketing program that everyone can use to increase revenue through their CBD websites.

Our idea is to develop a trusting and sustainable relationship between us and our audience. This relationship will be mutually beneficial in a way that they will share what they have learned while running their website and seeing how things go behind the scenes. And help us out with that. While we do the majority of the testing in the market and share what we find with our audience.

Now, this might sound unorthodox because most people (at least in the internet marketing industry) believe that it is not a good idea to freely share the most cutting edge strategies that you work so hard to discover.

We don’t believe that. We believe that there’s enough revenue flowing around that all of us can apply the strategies that we at HCH Alliance discover and make a good chunk of revenue from that.

We believe in abundance.