Why Hemp/CBD Should Be Legalized Everywhere

I could not even imagine what it would be like to have a rolled pack of hemp cigarettes rather than carrying around actual tobacco. Could you imagine how much better life would be?

If it became legal to where a rolled pack of hemp replaced the daily pack of tobacco then the work place and any place you go would be a lot more desirable to be! Just imagine that quick break, time away, or even wherever you are you could just pull one out of your twenty out and feel free and not worried or paranoid about your surroundings.

Hemp, lets talk about it just a bit and we all know that we have smoked, maybe once, a dozen times, or even being a lifelong thing that we do, We all know the struggle of paranoia and worry when it comes to lighting up. What if that all changed and you actually have a hemp cigarette? That would be amazing!

Just imagine a long day at work when you are just really craving your fix just like everyone else has their fix, would that be much more fair to have yours, while everyone else has theirs?

Okay so I ranted barely but seriously here are a few good points to having hemp cigarettes

Benefits of Smoking Hemp

  • Stress Relief
  • No more hiding
  • Long stressful day at work but you can get your fix like you desire compared to others who gets their cigarettes, break, or fresh air!
  • Legalized
  • Creativity through what opens your mind
  • Pre rolled hemp to save time
  • Carry around with you in an organized already taken care of fashion

There are so many different key points to this, but I cannot even name them all due to the fact that there is so many benefits to actually having hemp cigarettes to carry around. Do you not think that we as people should be able to carry around a pack of hemp?

The Case For Legalizing Hemp/CBD Across the Board

It should be legalized because of the fact that so many people do smoke! The money to be made for even stores and companies off of this is a win win situation to where everyone would be happy. Instead of hiding all the time with paranoia or worry, it would be much better off being legalized to carry around in you pocket.

Just think about it, the next time you are out and about, no more rolling up or having to take your time doing so. It would already be rolled and ready for use. When you are having a bad day, pull your pack out and do you instead of waiting around. When you are out and about, pull your pack out, even when you are hiking or doing things you enjoy, its quick to light and quick to get more just like a pack of cigarettes.

Hands down, I am sure everyone wants it legalized, probably even most business and everybody you know. What about if you smoke cigarettes now, and you would like to quit. Yes the feeling is hard I am a full time smoker myself and would love to be able to quit, but i love smoking. Being able to have another remedy to the fix that I would enjoy like hemp cigarettes over smoking would be amazing.

There’s No Nicotine In Hemp Cigarettes

Now I know its only made of CBD, but even that can still get you feeling pretty good compared to a cigarette. It comes from hemp flower, that is what they are made out of. They are completely void of nicotine, additives, and tobacco. Would that not be a better solution to the alternative that some of choose on a daily basis.

Personally, we should all go for the more natural substance rather than the chemical mixed addictive latter. Would you not agree with me? You know what, I actually think I plan to go see if I can find any in my small town shop that sells CBD products. Writing this now makes me realize I really need to quit smoking cigarettes and go for a more natural substance in making it day to day within this chaotic world that we live in.