What you need to know about Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are among the current CBD products that have adorned the limelight. They are normally in packs of 20 and use filters similar to tobacco cigarettes. They also have smoking like hemp or combinations of CBD strains. Much as marijuana dominates in the cannabis family, hemp is less popular but effective as well in treating several health conditions.

The components of Hemp cigarettes

These cigarettes are bowled with hemp instead of tobacco, with a large portion of cannabidiol (CBD) and fewer tetrahydrocannabinol portions. Simply put, a hemp cigarette easily relaxes your body, yet lacks the psychoactive features of marijuana.

Hemp cigarettes are unique and can be easily identified with the following descriptions that make them different from the tobacco cigarettes

• They are non-intoxicating

• They are more effective than other types of CBD consumption

• They are federally legal in the US.

• They are a natural tobacco substitute

• They are free from tobacco and nicotine

• They are non-addictive

• Readily in retail locations and even online platforms for private and easier delivery.

Hemp is synonymous with Cannabidiol, (CBD) and cigarettes have a variety of health benefits ranging from better sleep and protecting your brain. It would look as if everything on the planet has a specific purpose, and the same notion appears to be true about hemp cigarettes. Here are some of the reasons why they have recently gained popularity:

1. Easing Anxiety and Stress

One of the obvious uses of CBD is to ease chronic anxiety and stress. It doesn’t stop here; hemp boosts the endocannabinoid hormones that regulate the body system to fight against fear.

2. Relieving Pain

If you are experiencing pain, hemp is an ideal solution as it contains a no “intoxicating body high” which enables your body to heal without altering the state of your mind. The cigarette mixes with glycine receptor that sends pain signals to the brain after which it oxidizes stress and reduces inflammation; the real cause of pain.

3. Strengthening Bones

Our bones normally wear out with time. As this happens we become prone to bone complications like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. If you are already suffering from this condition, the good news is hemp cigarettes prevent the enzymes that specifically destroy the bones. Instead, they facilitate the rejuvenation process, which quickens healing and helps us to maintain healthy and strong bones in general.

4. They can help to quit smoking

Some users who were addicted to tobacco reportedly quit smoking when they switched to hemp cigarettes. In fact, they lack nicotine and it explains why they are not addictive. In a 2013 study conducted by Dr, Cj Morgan (University College London), a group of 24 people were given an inhaler and instructed to use it whenever they had an urge. Twelve out of the total were given a placebo while the remaining half got the inhaler for hemp cigarettes, After the experiment, those with the placebo increased their smoking urge simultaneously while those with CBD reduced their smoking by 40% which implies they can help one to quit smoking.

5. Finding the ideal CBD cigarettes

Quality comes first, then your personal preference. Choose to purchase from legit companies that offer COAS that you can prove from before purchasing. As more of these companies flood the market, the chances of counterfeit products will be on the rise. The only way is to read proven reviews from consumer’s personal experiences. You can as well interact with community forums to have an idea of the suitable brands

The Impact of CBD cigarettes

The effects of using these cigarettes are immediately after some minutes of consumption. According to recent findings, these cigarettes are more potent when smoked than orally ingested. For this reason, many users prefer smoking. After using them, the effect lasts for 2-3 hours dependent on your weight and tolerance level. These cigarettes have been proved as the alternative option for those who intend to quit smoking tobacco. This is possible because they help neutralize smoking signals since:

• They reduce nicotine desires

• They are non-addictive, yet help to relax your body

• They resemble and feel like the tobacco cigarettes

• They are natural and can replace tobacco

How they make you feel

A calming and relaxing sensation is the first experience. These cigarettes give a body high though this is not accompanied by mental intoxication. People with chronic pain use it to relieve pain as it tends to be cheaper and convenient compared to the costly pain medications. Since smoking is believed to ease tension and anxiety, hemp cigarettes are equally an ideal therapy for relieving stress and fatigue after a long day’s work.

Summing up

According to neuroscientists, hemp cigarettes have no associated health risks and are completely safe; all you have to ensure is a good quality of the inner contents. As a word of caution, avoid purchasing this brand from manufacturers with synthetic additives. The verified reviews are also a suitable way to help you land on the best deal free from counterfeit products. Again, avoid hemp cigarettes which lack transparent details about their contents.