Are Hemp Cigarettes the Same As Marijuana?

When hearing the word “hemp” you may immediately think it’s related to marijuana. However, it comes from a different plant entirely. Hemp does come from the same family though and has some great benefits you may not have heard about.

Hemp contains some very helpful and natural ingredients. The elements found in hemp have shown some surprising results for those looking to relieve pain. But can hemp cigarettes help people live longer, healthier lives?

Modern medicine doesn’t always offer the safest choice for those with disorders and illnesses. Side effects, addictive ingredients, and dangerous drug combinations are frequently a concern. Hemp on the other hand might be a safe method to improve overall health.

The Level of THC Makes a Difference

The ingredient of marijuana that causes the “high”, is THC. The THC level in hemp is so small it’s barely measurable. However, THC isn’t what’s responsible for the health benefits.

Hemp contains something called CBD or cannabidiol. You may have seen or heard advertisements preaching the usefulness of CBD. Those suffering pain and anxiety have found relief in CBD where conventional medicine fell short.

Those struggling with conditions such as insomnia, depression, skin conditions, and even cancer patients have found success with CBD. CBD influences the way the body transmits pain signals. So, the CBD found in hemp cigarettes may increase longevity and quality of life.

While there’s no magic cure for everyone in all situations, hemp cigarettes are still promising. In the very least hemp cigarettes provide hope for those battling illnesses. This is something that science should investigate more thoroughly, and medical professionals should consider expanding their treatment options.

Can Help You Quit Smoking

One of the biggest issues people have when quitting smoking is giving up the ritual. But as you know, cigarettes contain known cancer-causing chemicals. When trying to stop this bad habit, a person must break from the grip of nicotine.

Most people who’ve smoked tobacco find themselves lost without their usual morning or evening cigarette. Some people smoke after a meal or before bed. Smoking tobacco becomes a comforting activity that’s always available, but when suddenly removed can be overwhelming.

Hemp cigarettes provide people a chance to stop using cigarettes but keep the familiar ritual. Also, hemp delivers all the benefits of CBD to the smoker. Without THC or the harmful things found in tobacco cigarettes, the hemp cigarette is a healthy non-addictive alternative.

Besides, smoking cessation products contain nicotine and a host of terrible side effects. Among those found in anti-smoking patches are chronic nightmares. Would you want to expose yourself to these unhealthy side effects?

Better Sleep Equals Better Health

Many have experienced sleepless nights and the misery of the following day. Focus, motor skills, and problem-solving all suffer. Emotions can run higher than usual and everything feels off.

Imagine what chronic sleeplessness does to the body. People can begin to age rapidly when the body can’t repair itself during sleep. Hemp cigarettes could be the answer to this issue.

CBD may help those suffering from sleep disorders. Modern pharmaceuticals, such as sleeping pills can become addictive. Hemp cigarettes can aid a restful sleep while remaining non-addictive and safe.

A Medicinal Plant Without the Psychoactive Part

Hemp cigarettes have all the CBD advantages of marijuana, without the “high” component. Non-addictive and natural, hemp cigarettes help those with pain and various disorders. Smokers can ditch the harmful tobacco and maintain their daily habit of smoking.

With sleep being so important to the body and mind, you can’t afford wakeful nights. Hemp cigarettes and their built-in CBD components can bring safe and restful sleep. Instead of modern pharmaceutical companies, perhaps you should turn to professional growers for better lifelong health.

While some may throw hemp in with marijuana as some sort of mind-altering drug, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although hemp is part of the cannabis family of plants, it lacks the psychoactive THC found in marijuana. Once more people become aware of hemp cigarettes, their full benefits can be experienced and used to cure those in need.