Hemp Cigarettes Are The Wave Of The Future

Everyone’s got a vice, although some are more obvious (and unhealthy) than others. One of the most popular has always been tobacco.

There are countless reasons why tobacco has been a staple in cultures spanning the globe for thousands of years. It’s not intoxicating, but it can provide a very mild tingle of pleasure to take away the strain of a long, rough day at work. It can compliment a meal or a beverage. For some people, tobacco even makes going for a drive more enjoyable.

While tobacco is probably still the most popular substance to smoke worldwide, another dried herb has become increasingly common to roll up an smoke: hemp.

What Exactly Is It?

A lot of people don’t understand the differences and similarities between hemp and its infamous cousin, marijuana. These aspects are both scientific and legal.

Both hemp and marijuana are names for the same dried herbal matter from cannabis indica/cannabis sativa. The main difference is the concentration of the intoxicating depressant THC.

In the 70’s, then-President Nixon presided over the induction of the Controlled Substance Act. This law more clearly identified and categorized illicit substances. Marijuana became classified as dried cannabis with a concentration of THC in excess of 0.3%.

This figure was quite arbitrary, as marijuana is not understood to induce the high for which it is so popular upon consumption of a reasonable amount of the substance until the herb’s THC concentration reaches at least 10% to 20%.

It has been postulated for decades that the main reason for this approach to the illegalization of marijuana was, in part, to hamstring the ability for hemp to cause upheaval in a number of longstanding industries. Hemp is understood to be able to function as a textile, as fuel, as an anti-microbial product, and much more.

With its reputation for being easy to farm to fruition due to its limited requirements for successful growth and its limited impact on farmland, this jack-of-all-trades crop would have thrown multiple industries into disarray if allowed to burgeon. Nowadays, things have changed, and hemp is functionally legal on a federal level.

But Why Smoke It?

As we’ve discussed, smoking hemp will not get you high. But that’s not what every smoker is looking for. If you’re looking for a quick fix to relax you, unload your stress for the day, and fill your lungs with a much more pleasing and less harsh smoke, hemp cigarettes might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Some of the chemicals responsible for important aspects of the experience of smoking marijuana other than THC are still there to be found. Take CBD, for instance. This compound is linked to suppression of anxiety and improvement of mood, even though it doesn’t intoxicate you.

Users describe themselves as successfully relieving their stress without becoming addicted to the substance.

How Is The Government Responding To This?

States have become increasingly empowered to industrialize hemp as multiple federal government entities have backed off of controlling the hemp plant. Even in conservative states where anti-drug fervor has always been strong, hemp has gained a considerable foothold.

States like Georgia openly sell products such as hemp cigarettes – they come in packs just like traditional tobacco cigarettes. The price point for such products can still vary wildly, but this will become less of a problem in the next few years as the concept of consuming hemp becomes more commonplace.

The fact of the matter is that, while it is never completely safe to burn a substance and consume the smoke which ensues, the consumption of hemp will likely never be associated with cancer, heart disease, and other catastrophically damaging ailments to the extent that tobacco has.

Hemp cigarettes are proving themselves to be a healthier, more economically viable alternative for smokers.

Make sure to consult your state and local laws before obtaining hemp cigarettes, even from licensed vendors; conflicts between state and federal law might still result in consequences for some citizens. That being said, if you are already smoking tobacco and feel as if a change needs to be made, your solution might be waiting for you to spark it up.

Why Hemp/CBD Should Be Legalized Everywhere

I could not even imagine what it would be like to have a rolled pack of hemp cigarettes rather than carrying around actual tobacco. Could you imagine how much better life would be?

If it became legal to where a rolled pack of hemp replaced the daily pack of tobacco then the work place and any place you go would be a lot more desirable to be! Just imagine that quick break, time away, or even wherever you are you could just pull one out of your twenty out and feel free and not worried or paranoid about your surroundings.

Hemp, lets talk about it just a bit and we all know that we have smoked, maybe once, a dozen times, or even being a lifelong thing that we do, We all know the struggle of paranoia and worry when it comes to lighting up. What if that all changed and you actually have a hemp cigarette? That would be amazing!

Just imagine a long day at work when you are just really craving your fix just like everyone else has their fix, would that be much more fair to have yours, while everyone else has theirs?

Okay so I ranted barely but seriously here are a few good points to having hemp cigarettes

Benefits of Smoking Hemp

  • Stress Relief
  • No more hiding
  • Long stressful day at work but you can get your fix like you desire compared to others who gets their cigarettes, break, or fresh air!
  • Legalized
  • Creativity through what opens your mind
  • Pre rolled hemp to save time
  • Carry around with you in an organized already taken care of fashion

There are so many different key points to this, but I cannot even name them all due to the fact that there is so many benefits to actually having hemp cigarettes to carry around. Do you not think that we as people should be able to carry around a pack of hemp?

The Case For Legalizing Hemp/CBD Across the Board

It should be legalized because of the fact that so many people do smoke! The money to be made for even stores and companies off of this is a win win situation to where everyone would be happy. Instead of hiding all the time with paranoia or worry, it would be much better off being legalized to carry around in you pocket.

Just think about it, the next time you are out and about, no more rolling up or having to take your time doing so. It would already be rolled and ready for use. When you are having a bad day, pull your pack out and do you instead of waiting around. When you are out and about, pull your pack out, even when you are hiking or doing things you enjoy, its quick to light and quick to get more just like a pack of cigarettes.

Hands down, I am sure everyone wants it legalized, probably even most business and everybody you know. What about if you smoke cigarettes now, and you would like to quit. Yes the feeling is hard I am a full time smoker myself and would love to be able to quit, but i love smoking. Being able to have another remedy to the fix that I would enjoy like hemp cigarettes over smoking would be amazing.

There’s No Nicotine In Hemp Cigarettes

Now I know its only made of CBD, but even that can still get you feeling pretty good compared to a cigarette. It comes from hemp flower, that is what they are made out of. They are completely void of nicotine, additives, and tobacco. Would that not be a better solution to the alternative that some of choose on a daily basis.

Personally, we should all go for the more natural substance rather than the chemical mixed addictive latter. Would you not agree with me? You know what, I actually think I plan to go see if I can find any in my small town shop that sells CBD products. Writing this now makes me realize I really need to quit smoking cigarettes and go for a more natural substance in making it day to day within this chaotic world that we live in.

Will You Get High If You Smoke Hemp?

Well, sort of, if you count feeling carefree and relaxed as getting high. These cigarettes cannot intoxicate you like smoking marijuana does. This is because hemp cigarettes do not contain the product called THC.

THC is the product that is found in marijuana that accounts for the crystal like formations on the outside of the plant. It is what actually gets you high when you smoke marijuana. It is psychotropic in nature.

Hemp cigarettes do not include any THC. The substance is absent in the case of hemp cigarettes or CBD cigarettes. For this reason, CBD cigarettes cannot get you high like smoking marijuana can.

Smoking Hemp Cigarettes is Relaxing

Smoking hemp cigarettes is very relaxing pastime. You may puff on a hemp cigarette in much the same way that you would on a regular cigarette. The aroma of the smoke is relaxing in nature.

You will find that it suits your nerves to simply puff on a CBD cigarette. It fits between the fingers snuggly just like a regular cigarette does. Instead of giving off toxic smoke, the CBD cigarette emanates a botanical smoke.

CBD to Help Curb Cigarette Cravings

These types of cigarettes can actually help you to reduce your cravings for normal cigarettes. The average smoker may want to quit smoking in order to improve his or her health. There our countless items on the market in order to help consumers quit smoking.

These items include nicotine patches, pills and more. Many smokers try time and again to quit smoking by using these eggs. Substituting hemp cigarettes for regular cigarettes is by far one of the most effective ways to cut back on regular cigarette smoking.

The process by which you can use hemp cigarettes in order to decrease your usage of regular cigarettes is fairly straightforward and simple. Each time that you desire to smoke a regular cigarette, you will instead reach for a hemp cigarette. You will essentially replace each cigarette that would be a regular cigarette with a CBD cigarette instead.

Are Hemp Cigarettes Affordable?

Hemp cigarettes are perfectly affordable. You may find them in your local convenience store or corner shop. It is possible that you may locate hemp cigarettes at your local smoke shop, as well.

There are many different vendors that sell hemp cigarettes. You are most likely to find CBD cigarettes with ease at a smoke shop. They will be sure to carry various different brands of CBD cigarettes.

Hemp cigarettes can be purchased for a perfectly reasonable price. You should expect to spend much the same on a box of hemp cigarettes as you would for regular nicotine cigarettes. These prices of course vary from state to state.

Do They Make e-Hemp Cigarettes?

In addition to regular hemp cigarettes, there are manufacturers that do make electronic hemp cigarettes, as well. These are a special niche item. You are likely to find electronic hemp cigarettes for sale at your local smoke shop.

Should you frequent your local smoke shop, it is wise to inquire with the customer service associate as to whether or not they sell electronic hemp cigarettes. Sometimes specialty items such as these will be kept in a locked case or behind the counter.

Will I Really Like Hemp Cigarettes?

We would honestly be very surprised if you didn’t. Hemp cigarettes are so enjoyable to smoke and also exude a lovely botanical aroma. They are beneficial for the health, as they can be used in order to help you reduce your practice of smoking regular cigarettes.

They do not contain toxins, such as tar, like regular cigarettes do. They are all natural and are a joy to smoke. Hemp cigarettes are affordable and can be easily located at your local smoke shop.

Hemp cigarettes sometimes come in the form of electronic hemp cigarettes. These items utilize vapor juice that contains CBD. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to smoking hemp cigarettes. All of the options represent a lovely choice.

What you need to know about Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are among the current CBD products that have adorned the limelight. They are normally in packs of 20 and use filters similar to tobacco cigarettes. They also have smoking like hemp or combinations of CBD strains. Much as marijuana dominates in the cannabis family, hemp is less popular but effective as well in treating several health conditions.

The components of Hemp cigarettes

These cigarettes are bowled with hemp instead of tobacco, with a large portion of cannabidiol (CBD) and fewer tetrahydrocannabinol portions. Simply put, a hemp cigarette easily relaxes your body, yet lacks the psychoactive features of marijuana.

Hemp cigarettes are unique and can be easily identified with the following descriptions that make them different from the tobacco cigarettes

• They are non-intoxicating

• They are more effective than other types of CBD consumption

• They are federally legal in the US.

• They are a natural tobacco substitute

• They are free from tobacco and nicotine

• They are non-addictive

• Readily in retail locations and even online platforms for private and easier delivery.

Hemp is synonymous with Cannabidiol, (CBD) and cigarettes have a variety of health benefits ranging from better sleep and protecting your brain. It would look as if everything on the planet has a specific purpose, and the same notion appears to be true about hemp cigarettes. Here are some of the reasons why they have recently gained popularity:

1. Easing Anxiety and Stress

One of the obvious uses of CBD is to ease chronic anxiety and stress. It doesn’t stop here; hemp boosts the endocannabinoid hormones that regulate the body system to fight against fear.

2. Relieving Pain

If you are experiencing pain, hemp is an ideal solution as it contains a no “intoxicating body high” which enables your body to heal without altering the state of your mind. The cigarette mixes with glycine receptor that sends pain signals to the brain after which it oxidizes stress and reduces inflammation; the real cause of pain.

3. Strengthening Bones

Our bones normally wear out with time. As this happens we become prone to bone complications like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. If you are already suffering from this condition, the good news is hemp cigarettes prevent the enzymes that specifically destroy the bones. Instead, they facilitate the rejuvenation process, which quickens healing and helps us to maintain healthy and strong bones in general.

4. They can help to quit smoking

Some users who were addicted to tobacco reportedly quit smoking when they switched to hemp cigarettes. In fact, they lack nicotine and it explains why they are not addictive. In a 2013 study conducted by Dr, Cj Morgan (University College London), a group of 24 people were given an inhaler and instructed to use it whenever they had an urge. Twelve out of the total were given a placebo while the remaining half got the inhaler for hemp cigarettes, After the experiment, those with the placebo increased their smoking urge simultaneously while those with CBD reduced their smoking by 40% which implies they can help one to quit smoking.

5. Finding the ideal CBD cigarettes

Quality comes first, then your personal preference. Choose to purchase from legit companies that offer COAS that you can prove from before purchasing. As more of these companies flood the market, the chances of counterfeit products will be on the rise. The only way is to read proven reviews from consumer’s personal experiences. You can as well interact with community forums to have an idea of the suitable brands

The Impact of CBD cigarettes

The effects of using these cigarettes are immediately after some minutes of consumption. According to recent findings, these cigarettes are more potent when smoked than orally ingested. For this reason, many users prefer smoking. After using them, the effect lasts for 2-3 hours dependent on your weight and tolerance level. These cigarettes have been proved as the alternative option for those who intend to quit smoking tobacco. This is possible because they help neutralize smoking signals since:

• They reduce nicotine desires

• They are non-addictive, yet help to relax your body

• They resemble and feel like the tobacco cigarettes

• They are natural and can replace tobacco

How they make you feel

A calming and relaxing sensation is the first experience. These cigarettes give a body high though this is not accompanied by mental intoxication. People with chronic pain use it to relieve pain as it tends to be cheaper and convenient compared to the costly pain medications. Since smoking is believed to ease tension and anxiety, hemp cigarettes are equally an ideal therapy for relieving stress and fatigue after a long day’s work.

Summing up

According to neuroscientists, hemp cigarettes have no associated health risks and are completely safe; all you have to ensure is a good quality of the inner contents. As a word of caution, avoid purchasing this brand from manufacturers with synthetic additives. The verified reviews are also a suitable way to help you land on the best deal free from counterfeit products. Again, avoid hemp cigarettes which lack transparent details about their contents.

Are Hemp Cigarettes the Same As Marijuana?

When hearing the word “hemp” you may immediately think it’s related to marijuana. However, it comes from a different plant entirely. Hemp does come from the same family though and has some great benefits you may not have heard about.

Hemp contains some very helpful and natural ingredients. The elements found in hemp have shown some surprising results for those looking to relieve pain. But can hemp cigarettes help people live longer, healthier lives?

Modern medicine doesn’t always offer the safest choice for those with disorders and illnesses. Side effects, addictive ingredients, and dangerous drug combinations are frequently a concern. Hemp on the other hand might be a safe method to improve overall health.

The Level of THC Makes a Difference

The ingredient of marijuana that causes the “high”, is THC. The THC level in hemp is so small it’s barely measurable. However, THC isn’t what’s responsible for the health benefits.

Hemp contains something called CBD or cannabidiol. You may have seen or heard advertisements preaching the usefulness of CBD. Those suffering pain and anxiety have found relief in CBD where conventional medicine fell short.

Those struggling with conditions such as insomnia, depression, skin conditions, and even cancer patients have found success with CBD. CBD influences the way the body transmits pain signals. So, the CBD found in hemp cigarettes may increase longevity and quality of life.

While there’s no magic cure for everyone in all situations, hemp cigarettes are still promising. In the very least hemp cigarettes provide hope for those battling illnesses. This is something that science should investigate more thoroughly, and medical professionals should consider expanding their treatment options.

Can Help You Quit Smoking

One of the biggest issues people have when quitting smoking is giving up the ritual. But as you know, cigarettes contain known cancer-causing chemicals. When trying to stop this bad habit, a person must break from the grip of nicotine.

Most people who’ve smoked tobacco find themselves lost without their usual morning or evening cigarette. Some people smoke after a meal or before bed. Smoking tobacco becomes a comforting activity that’s always available, but when suddenly removed can be overwhelming.

Hemp cigarettes provide people a chance to stop using cigarettes but keep the familiar ritual. Also, hemp delivers all the benefits of CBD to the smoker. Without THC or the harmful things found in tobacco cigarettes, the hemp cigarette is a healthy non-addictive alternative.

Besides, smoking cessation products contain nicotine and a host of terrible side effects. Among those found in anti-smoking patches are chronic nightmares. Would you want to expose yourself to these unhealthy side effects?

Better Sleep Equals Better Health

Many have experienced sleepless nights and the misery of the following day. Focus, motor skills, and problem-solving all suffer. Emotions can run higher than usual and everything feels off.

Imagine what chronic sleeplessness does to the body. People can begin to age rapidly when the body can’t repair itself during sleep. Hemp cigarettes could be the answer to this issue.

CBD may help those suffering from sleep disorders. Modern pharmaceuticals, such as sleeping pills can become addictive. Hemp cigarettes can aid a restful sleep while remaining non-addictive and safe.

A Medicinal Plant Without the Psychoactive Part

Hemp cigarettes have all the CBD advantages of marijuana, without the “high” component. Non-addictive and natural, hemp cigarettes help those with pain and various disorders. Smokers can ditch the harmful tobacco and maintain their daily habit of smoking.

With sleep being so important to the body and mind, you can’t afford wakeful nights. Hemp cigarettes and their built-in CBD components can bring safe and restful sleep. Instead of modern pharmaceutical companies, perhaps you should turn to professional growers for better lifelong health.

While some may throw hemp in with marijuana as some sort of mind-altering drug, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although hemp is part of the cannabis family of plants, it lacks the psychoactive THC found in marijuana. Once more people become aware of hemp cigarettes, their full benefits can be experienced and used to cure those in need.