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After careful consideration over the last few months, the Board of Directors has decided that the Harris County Healthcare Alliance has served its purpose and should come to an end.  We are very proud of the many successes the Alliance has been able to achieve since its inception and believe that the Alliance has played an important role in facilitating collaboration in the healthcare community. Thank you all for the work you have been a part of these past years in helping create a stronger and more cohesive healthcare system throughout Houston and Harris County.

Helping patients who don't need 911

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The healthcare crisis is on the national agenda. But Houston, like other cities, has been dealing with it for years. The Houston EMS service and hospital emergency rooms, which are both strained, are on the frontline. A proposal may gradually help change that, one patient at a time.

There are about 700 ambulance runs a day by the Houston Fire Department. In a lot of cases, they are life saving trips. But of all the calls paramedics make, the most recent report shows only a third of the patients actually needed to go to an emergency room. Nearly half of the calls were because there was no one to take them to the hospital.

Houston EMS Director Dr. David Persse explained, "In about 80 percent of them, all we do is transport, no lights, no sirens, no treatment, no splinting, no bandaging, no oxygen. It's just transportation."

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After Health Reform, Harris County Will Still Need Charity Care Clinics

The new health care law could help an estimated 4.5 million uninsured people get affordable coverage in Texas, which according to the census has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the country. But the new law doesn’t mean that free clinics and charity care for the uninsured will disappear. To find out why, KUHF health science and technology reporter Carrie Feibel sat down with Karen Love, executive director of the Harris County Healthcare Alliance.

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