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After careful consideration over the last few months, the Board of Directors has decided that the Harris County Healthcare Alliance has served its purpose and should come to an end.  We are very proud of the many successes the Alliance has been able to achieve since its inception and believe that the Alliance has played an important role in facilitating collaboration in the healthcare community. Thank you all for the work you have been a part of these past years in helping create a stronger and more cohesive healthcare system throughout Houston and Harris County.

State of Health Report 2015-2016

State of Health Report 2015-2016

On February 18th, over 150 community members gathered to hear local health experts discuss the findings of the 2015-2016 State of Heatlh Report.  The event provided an opportunity to discuss both the challenges and opportunities Harris County faces to improve the health of our area.

The full report is available to veiwed and downloaded at

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First Friday: Healthcare Response to Homelessness

First Friday: Healthcare Response to Homelessness


Join us in discussing ways that homelessness impacts healthcare delivery in Harris County.  Kara Hill, Executive Director of Christ Clinic, will be moderating a panel including Dr. Allison from the Houston VA, Mandy Champan Semple from the Mayor's Office for Homeless Inititiatives and Frances Isbell, CEO of Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston.

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First Friday: Legislative Advocacy

First Friday Legislative Advocacy a Success

There was an excellent turnout for our January First Friday on the topic of Legislative Advocacy.  Tim Schauer, Policy Advisor for the Harris County Healthcare Alliance, provided an informative and engaging presentation on the legislative agenda for the Alliance.  As the 84th Texas State Legislature begins to start its work, stay engaged with us on our website, follow us on Twitter (@HCHAlliance), and like us on Facebook.  We will be providing updates through these various channels to inform our members on how to remain educated and involved as our elected leaders begin making decisions that will impact healthcare in Houston and Harris County.

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