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After careful consideration over the last few months, the Board of Directors has decided that the Harris County Healthcare Alliance has served its purpose and should come to an end.  We are very proud of the many successes the Alliance has been able to achieve since its inception and believe that the Alliance has played an important role in facilitating collaboration in the healthcare community. Thank you all for the work you have been a part of these past years in helping create a stronger and more cohesive healthcare system throughout Houston and Harris County.

First Friday: Health Homes & Maximizing Health Insurance

First Friday: Health Homes & Maximizing Health Insurance

Don't miss "Health Homes: Maximizing Health Insurance Coverage"

April 4th was the date of our First Friday panel discussion covering what "medical home" and "health home" mean to different people, which vulnerable populations have the greatest need for health homes, and how to address obstacles for patients trying to access primary care. Over 50 people attended the discussion.

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First Friday: Health Advocacy for the 84th TX Legislature

First Friday: Health Advocacy for the 84th TX Legislature

Start Preparing for the 84th Texas Legislature

Our March 7th panel discussion on "Health Advocacy: Preparing for the 84th Texas Legislature" was well attended. Over 80 people, including media, were there to explore the issues that may—or may not—develop into policies that will determine the course of healthcare in Texas for the next few years and beyond.

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Healthy Living Matters Summit

Recommendations for Curbing Childhood Obesity based on Community Outreach 

In September 2011, the Houston Endowment awarded a grant to HCHA to fund a local private-public partnership called the Houston/Harris County Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative. The Collaborative—now called Healthy Living Matters—consists of a multi-sector group of local leaders who engaged in a two-year planning process with the goal of curbing childhood obesity in Houston/Harris County by mobilizing policy action to enact system and environmental change. Watch the YouTube video to hear from local youngsters.

Feedback from numerous community assessments were unveiled on January 30th at the Healthy Living Matters Summit. The resulting Community Action Plan focuses on a road map for policy implementation, with a focus on local issues and policies that can impact high rates of childhood obesity.

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