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2015 Legislative Policy Priorities

The Alliance and its member organizations are working in close collaboration with One Voice Texas, our partner organization in advocacy and community engagement, on the comprehensive list of issues and concerns important to our region. More specifically, HCHA is actively communicating with our elected officials on the following high-level policy priorities.

Improve access to healthcare through innovative funding and coverage initiatives by:

  • Supporting efforts to provide health coverage to the over one million uninsured Harris County residents who could be eligible for coverage under federal law,
  • Defend federal and state spending on Medicaid/CHIP for currently covered populations (including extending CHIP Reauthorization at the federal level), and
  • Encourage continuation of the Texas Medicaid 1115 Transformation and Quality Improvement Waiver.

Promote and foster the development of sound healthcare policy that will continue to build a comprehensive, coordinated system in Houston/Harris County that meets the healthcare needs of its residents by:

  • Supporting efforts to protect and improve the physical and behavioral health of adults, families and youth, including individuals and populations with special and/or chronic health related needs;
  • Encouraging prevention programs and disease awareness through early screening, immunizations, clinic-based treatment and public health efforts; and
  • Building awareness of the healthcare system sustainability and its impact on community health.

Click to download a printable version of the 2015 Policy Priorities.

Additionally, The Policy Report Blog will be the primary venue for all updates on the work the Alliance is doing on policy related issues during the 84th Session.