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Welcome to Harris County Health Care Alliance

Welcome to Harris County Healthcare Alliance

The Harris County Healthcare Alliance is a coalition whose formation in 2006 was inspired by the dedicated work of several prior taskforces and in part by the way the Greater Houston healthcare community pulled together after Hurricane Katrina to meet the needs of a sudden influx of underserved residents.

That collective experience gave us a vision for how things could work if we all put our minds to it, and the drive to have a more collaborative approach to meeting the healthcare needs of our residents every day. Our membership has grown to more than 50 safety net providers and other partner organizations including the Greater Houston Partnership, One Voice, and Gateway to Care.

We are proudly incubating new ideas in our community such as the TexHealth Harris County 3-Share Plan to enroll employees of small businesses into health coverage and the Greater Houston Health Information Exchange to enable the secure and meaningful exchange of information regarding patients and their care.

We regularly facilitate partnerships among safety net providers every day, such as our contract with the Houston Fire Department program to link non-emergent 9-1-1 callers to alternate transportation services and medical homes using funds from the City of Houston’s Contractor Responsibility Fund, and the creation of Partners for Community Health, a network of community clinics working together to increase their primary care capacity in a sustainable fashion.

We invite you to consider joining the Alliance and its Member organizations in meeting our community’s healthcare challenges together.

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